Harvesting Structure: Parabolic Adaptations Using Reeds

T7a Technology – Project Related Report for my Winchester Horticultural City Head Quarters project.  Looking at how the architectural language of the project may use reeds in its construction to reinforce the theoretical and phenomenological stances.  Uploaded to issuu as ususal… https://issuu.com/timothyphilipgentry/docs/t7a_technology_project_related_repo


Hyperbolic Parabola

Mucking about making hyperbolic parabolas this weekend. Column tests still to do... The YouTube video link below is next on my list of things to make & test: https://youtu.be/EigzNppsQp8

Winchester Hidden Waterways Walk

Went on another of the summer's Hidden Walks in Winchester using this handy little map handed out to us: Lots of pretty old brooks in Winchester.  The reason for 'The Brooks' shopping centre name is much clearer now!  Sitting as it does between Upper and Middle Brook.  Fairly obvious really when you stop to think about… Continue reading Winchester Hidden Waterways Walk

Itchen Navigation: Compton Lock

Sunny day called for a bit of field work (excuse the pun) so went for a run and a dip at Compton Lock on the Itchen Navigation. It's been a popular spot for many years. Itchen Navigation: Tumbling Bay - Shawford Some photos from 1976 on the above website link.  Shows much less vegetation, probably… Continue reading Itchen Navigation: Compton Lock