Final Model Maquette

Final massing model completed. Should have tried to finish this off much earlier than this but alas was not able. Need to take a video of this. Really helped me firm up ideas around treatment of the elevation and how new insertions manifest themselves amongst the ruins.


Harvesting Structure: Parabolic Adaptations Using Reeds

T7a Technology – Project Related Report for my Winchester Horticultural City Head Quarters project.  Looking at how the architectural language of the project may use reeds in its construction to reinforce the theoretical and phenomenological stances.  Uploaded to issuu as ususal…

Aquaponic build phase 3

Finished off the farm over the weekend. Needed an extra air pump as the main pump for the plants won't be running non-stop so fitted that for the wee little fishies. Goldfish that is, got fed up with trying to source affordable fish that you could eat once grown.  Although who's to say goldfish can't… Continue reading Aquaponic build phase 3

D6 Brief: Winchester Horticultural City – Revision A

Revised issue of my D6 Brief uploaded to issuu for one and all to read.  'Next Steps' section little out-of date.  All up-to-date.

Precedent | Wales Institute for Sustainable Education (WISE) by David Lea and Pat Borer

Extract from my project-related cultural context report (images via the BD Online feature using this link here) The Wales Institute for Sustainable Education is the educational arm of the Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT) established in 1973 by the late Gerrard Morgan-Grenville (Barac 2012, p. 92). Like all buildings within the CAT quarry, WISE was… Continue reading Precedent | Wales Institute for Sustainable Education (WISE) by David Lea and Pat Borer