Maquette tests

A late post of a test I did looking into hyperbolic parabolas and how they behave.  If you're wondering what one is and where you might have come across one before, think of the Chinese finger trap.  This is a hyperbolic paraboloid. As you can see from above the strands of the shape are formed… Continue reading Maquette tests


Aquaponics system update

Had to widen the diameter of the pipe outlets to aide water flow as this is where the inexplicable leak was coming from.  Water was just backing up in the pipes as drains couldn't keep up with the pump, and turning the flow of the pump rate down meant there wasn't enough water going around… Continue reading Aquaponics system update

Aquaponic build phase 3

Finished off the farm over the weekend. Needed an extra air pump as the main pump for the plants won't be running non-stop so fitted that for the wee little fishies. Goldfish that is, got fed up with trying to source affordable fish that you could eat once grown.  Although who's to say goldfish can't… Continue reading Aquaponic build phase 3

Precedent | Brockholes Visitor Centre by Adam Kahn Architects

Extract from the draft of my project-related cultural context report - word count was too large so had to delete it from the final export (images via e-architecture using this link here) Located at Brockholes Nature Reserve just off of the M6 at Junction 31, it is a floating structure built on-top of a deep… Continue reading Precedent | Brockholes Visitor Centre by Adam Kahn Architects