Aquaponic build phase 3

Finished off the farm over the weekend. Needed an extra air pump as the main pump for the plants won’t be running non-stop so fitted that for the wee little fishies. Goldfish that is, got fed up with trying to source affordable fish that you could eat once grown.  Although who’s to say goldfish can’t be tasty?…someone, probably…

Then I got the plant holes all drilled and planted up. I bought the plant a few days back when I originally intended on sorting it out, and they now look decidedly worse for wear. A good way to test the system I figure!

And at the end of that evening:

Still needed to put a new cover on though, and solve an inexplicable drain on water that meant I was having to top it up considerably after just one evening running.  Still not entirely sure what’s happened here; maybe an ill fitting cover was breaking water surface tension and providing a route for water to siphon off when the pump was running, or maybe the tube into the drain for the fish tank was misaligned meaning water was streaming over the fixing bracket?  Will just have to see if it happens again after the fixes have been made.

I also tried my best to poison my fish with the chlorine in the tap water so needed to find treatment for it pronto.  So I fitted a new cover tonight, and treated the water (the fish were surviving thankfully, maybe the plant roots filtering water had something to do with it).  The plants did seem to have perked up in the 48hrs its been running too.

Now I just feed the fish and see what the plants do. I have some watercress, parsley and basil in there at the moment.  Not proper salad plants I know but just trying it out for starters.  I’m thinking the parsley might not be too happy without soil.  Oh and I need to insulate the fish tank incase of freezing weather; I knew those HelloFresh sheep’s wool ‘cool-bags’ for the frozen food items would come in handy!  Check this space.


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