So Make It Southampton

Cased out Soton’s maker community premises. They’ve got a pretty good set up there. 3D printers, soldering station, laser cutter, metal lathe, circular saw etc etc. Was loving it!  Going to join I reckon.

Might try making one of these one day even.  Several of the guys had made their own 3D printer.  People were working on various projects.  A fair bit of programming going on.  An old motorway sign board converted into a clock, various printing tests, someone working on the laser cutter, another guy prototyping some sort of illuminated bracket fixing for some furniture, and the most extreme one…a couple guys had built their own full-size working cockpit 747 simulator from recycled plane parts bought from decommissioning scrap yards.

Also bumped into a guy that, incredibly, and extremely conviently, used to work for a company that built vertical growing systems.  Ran my aquaponic farm build past him.  Think I’m on the right track.  Have to build it and experiment to be sure though…


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