Dalston Eastern Curve Garden

Went to go to the FARM:shop in Dalston as it was supposed to be open and the directors were meant to be in to talk to volunteers, alas the doors were shut and it was not to be.  But just on the opposite side of the road was this place.  They do run volunteer workshops to grow flowers and planting to green the city as well having a cafe, but they don’t do anything specifically to do with farming.  But the garden did offer up a few ideas for how to make the garden space of the Castle more welcoming and relaxing.

Building entrance and cafe canopy.  Timber trussed roof is vaguely reminiscent of my thoughts for the HQ structure.  Clearly expressed and exposed, no need for it to be insulated in most circumstances, just needs to provide shelter.

Couldn’t agree more!

Pathway skirts the edges of the garden similar to what is proposed for the Wolvesey plan; stage for events and performances – probably not relevant for the gardens, but certainly internally in the events space;  games and informal arrangement of tables under the canopy of trees – both aspects that could be emulated in some form or other in the garden and cafe plans.


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