Precedent | Vila Kopose | Archispektras

Love this sculptural use of thatch and the way the roof hovers just above ground level with the strip of glazing skirting the edges.  Seen here on Archispektras website.

Thinking the HQ building could use a thatched roof if the reeds can’t be used as structure.  Should be able to find a way to use it in both applications assuming it doesn’t jar with the context…


2 thoughts on “Precedent | Vila Kopose | Archispektras”

  1. Good choice of precedent….would be nice to show the construction of the thatched roof, perhaps something that shows the traditional and modern (if there is) methods. =)


    1. Thanks, I’m actually kind of moving away from this now but yes it would still be useful to find some sections to sketch over and understand the construction better. It may still prove relevant yet!


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