Winchester Hidden Railways Walk

Went on a tour of the old DN&SR Chesil railway station (or what remains of it) and tunnel in Winchester to seek out urban farming infrastructure locations.

Chesil multi-storey car park sits over the site of the old station. Bear in mind this shows the top floor of the car park, and the station was single storey.  They had to dig out a HUGE trench in the chalk to build it.

Looking north at the multi-storey. Train tracks would have roughly followed the road in the right. Station would have been a bit beyond this point.

Then and now.

Walking underneath Bar End Road towards what remains of one of the train sheds.

…and the tunnel!  Now a lovely home for loads of bins and current / old city equipment / infrastructure.  Pretty damp environment in here and goes on for a loooong way.  Ideal tunnel farm conditions.  They’ve had to re-waterproof the tunnel a number of times apparently.  Could do away with waterproofing in an urban farm and deliberately direct the water inside to designated spots maybe?  Into the masterplan it goes!…


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