Tutorial: Brief Brainstorm

Had a chat about the design workshop from Friday and what was discussed to try and iron out an approach to the brief.

Main important elements:

  • The brief and site should come as a development of the masterplan.  The site selection should be a marriage between city context, master plan, and concept ambitions.
  • Concept should incorporate knowledge and ideas developed within my dissertation, ‘Free Architecture‘;  i.e. it should pursue a philosophy of enabling.
  • The site should form a centre piece to a holistic, city-wide strategy for the development of urban agriculture within Winchester.
  • The uniqueness of Winchester should be explored and developed through it, i.e. the water meadows and the Itchen Navigation.
  • People, as always, will be the main focus of the project.  This will be communicated through storyboarding the project.  The story should make it easy to relate to and thus comprehend by proffessional and layman alike.
  • Technology interests lie in management of the water meadows and use of reeds as a construction material.  Could look to ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia.  Columns and beams made from bound reeds and hempcrete etc.

Struggled to see something staring me in the face until Emma Dalton (my tutor) highlighted the Old Bishop’s Palace ruins, Wolvesey Castle, and mentioned it could be a new administrative hub of Winchester Horticultural City.  Outlined main ambitions for the site including education, community infrastructure and a place for ideas on product and farming techniques to be sourced and exchanged to capture the advantages of open-source thinking and initiatives.

FullSizeRender[2] copy


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