Precedent | MVRDV | Almere Floriade 2022

MVRDV’s winning proposal for the Floriade 2022 ‘Green City’ being built in Almere for the year… have a guess…2022.  They are not proposing to create “a Utopia but a real urban area where ideas are tested and refined”.  A very commercial approach, but this is a particularly fitting precedent for any aspiring horticultural city designs.  Almere Floriade should prove a very positive and forward thinking testing ground for all sorts of different strategies, techniques and technologies required to feed exploding population growth.


YouTube video presentation link is here

…and MVRDV’s project page showing design development is here.

What is especially nice about their renders is they put actual people in them!  The driving focus of the ideas behind the project is based around improving the quality of life for people living in the surrounding area and the sustainability of our towns/ city centres.  Time will tell…need to do a bit more precedent analysis on this one.


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