Prison that breeds entrepreneurs

BBC News feature on a prison in Uruguay that encourages inmates to set up businesses in the prison.  Has a re-offending rate of 50%.  Interesting idea that could be written into the narrative of the master plan.  Disaffected youth from the prison could be encouraged to farm the land of the water meadows, learning a new skill along the way and of what the project does for local infrastructure.  Such as feeding the population and supplying the tools to build their own urban farming infrastructure; i.e. composting points for food waste, vertical farming techniques, designs and products etc.  An open-source or ‘free-architecture’ planning initiative.

Need to start the storyboard!  Present the brief as a story of ‘Winchester Horticultural City’.  Present the final project as a story too, told from the perspective of the people using it.  People are the focus, the architecture is the context.


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