Urban Agriculture in the UK (and Japan)

A little digging in the internet has lead me to a few sites where things are happening in the UK, predictably mostly London.  Many spoken of in this Evening Standard article from June 2016,How London’s new underground farms will revolutionise the way we source our food.

FARM:  – A Dalston based urban agriculture outfit using vertical farms to grow vegetables etc.  Worked on a project for the Olympics.  They have a shop and ambitions to move to other cities besides just London.  Might agree to talk or give a tour possibly.

GrowUp Urban Farms  – East London based aquaponics and vertical farm supplying produce to London shops & restaurants.  They also do monthly tours of their ‘Unit 85’ for £25!

Growing Underground  – A vertical farm growing produce under the streets of Clapham.  They’re an example of how disused tunnels etc can be used to successfully grow produce.  Rents for underground areas are lower than for above ground warehouses which helps the economic case.  Not sure about the energy usage though.  You’ll even find them on Dezeen! (featured image is from this article)

A little just scepticism from the Gaurdian, though overall a fairly optimistic article: ‘Is urban farming only for rich hipsters?.

Sustainable Food Cities: a networking platform looking to develop urban agriculture in our built environment for increased well-being as well as food productivity.  You can search for local organisations through their database such as:

The Open Food Network are a similar outfit but created for actual shops to link producers with consumers.

Japan are particularly good at urban agriculture too it would seem, and have a non-profit support network for businesses starting up their own ventures called the Japan Plant Factory Association.  More research needed here.


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